Tiny Puppy with a Habit to Sleep in a Weird Pose Was Made a Meme!

Since she was a puppy, a Shih-Tzu named Paningning has had a strange preference to sleep on Paningning"s back like a human. She could do it anywhere, including on the floor, under a curtain or on her toy. This funny quirk was not lost on Janess Cua, the human mom of the pupper-s, who posted photos of Paningning asleep to Reddit and other social media sites. This adorable little guy was just what the internet needed that day. The pictures went viral in a flash, bringing new friends and fans, but most importantly, giving the meme lords a new target. She"s so relatable, a #mood, like the rugrats call it these days. You can see more of her photos on her official Insta account .
The memes began to flood in. People from all over the globe came together to Photoshop a cute sleeping puppy into all kinds of adventures and shenanigans in an effort to make people laugh. Sometimes, I love the Internet.
1. It all began with this Reddit photo.

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