Ten Tourist Sins

Traveling abroad should be an opportunity to experience a different culture, eat different foods, and remind yourself of how amazing and diverse the world truly is. Many tourists are known for their annoying and frustrating behavior, which can make even the most well-intentioned travelers look bad. Do you live in a place that is a hub of tourism? Do they ever drive your crazy? Here are 10 common problems tourists can cause.

1. Plane Seat Negotiator You are the type of person who plans everything carefully and will book an aisle seat to ensure you don"t disrupt the people you"re sitting between every time you want. You might choose to book a window seat, so you can look out at the clouds and whatever else. It doesn"t matter what, it is not good to be coerced into changing seats by fellow travelers. Or worse, they may try to convince you to do so because you are too lazy to plan ahead.

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