12 Places You Must Visit in Egypt

Good news ladies and gentlemen! Your flight to Egypt has been confirmed. You are probably thinking, "Wait. What? Egypt!?!? Flight?!?!? "Flight?!?!? We think you should create a list of things to do, since you"ll be spending approximately two weeks there. We know your brain is still reeling from the unexpected vacation. So we will do our best to help you plan. These are 12 Egyptian places you must visit.

1. Islamic Cairo Are you looking for the best preserved Islamic architecture anywhere? You are, of course! Islamic Cairo is the place you should be. There are many narrow streets and a maze full of shops where coppersmiths can still do their coppering (?). (?). There are many merchants who will sell you perfumes, spices, and other goods. There are many mosques to see, including one dedicated Sultan Hassan and one to Al-Azhar. For a stunning panoramic view of the area, climb up to the top of Bab Zuweila"s medieval gate. Don"t fall off! We don"t want to see you get hurt on Day 1 of your vacation!

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