15 Things You Didn't Know About Zendaya

Zendaya, a graceful young girl from Disney Channel, flew to Hollywood in lightning speed. Collaboration with Taylor Swift and Beyonce, playing MJ, in the new Spider-Man films. A fantastic duet with Zac Emfron. The Greatest Showman Lastly, more than 110 million Instagram followers. But wait! There"s more!

Here are 15 amazing facts about Zendaya.

1. Zendaya deliberately uses her name only because she likes it, just like Prince or Cher. At least, that"s what she thinks.

2. She is Claire Stormer"s only child. She has five siblings from her father"s side. Surprisingly, the actress was already an aunt when she was born -- she has nieces and nephews older than herself. How does that work? Don-t ask.

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