10 3D Street Art Pieces By Odeith

When people say "graffiti", their minds usually produce a string of crazy-stylized letters spray painted on a wall. There may also be some other elements such as sparkles, shoe laces or wires. My brain does that, at least. Street art is so much more than we thought! Introducing, Sergio Odeith His incredible 3D spraying skills.

This 43-year-old artist from Lisbon (Portugal) has been wildly popular for turning plain gray bricks and walls into works of art by painting them thickly with paint. It all looks amazing, almost like a block of concrete that suddenly became a bus. It would be difficult to see the concrete from more than 10 feet away if you were to look at it from one spot. It is amazing how much detail you can see!

Sergio isn"t just a bus driver, but there are many other examples that prove he is a genius. Enjoy!

1. Here"s the famous 3D bus. Isn"t that crazy? Amazing!

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