Top 8 Worst Rom-Coms Ever

Romcoms can either be your best friend or worst enemy when it is time to spend an evening with your boo. If all goes well and they start crying and awing every five minutes, then things are looking up. If you hear things like "Well, that"s just dumb!" Did you see that? OMG! That"s a horrible thought!

A bad romcom can ruin your day. Here are some movies you should add to your "no-no" list (or your "scare away" list).

1. "Employees of the Month"

Pop stars trying to make it big in cinema are rarely successful. This is evident in the movie "Employees of the Month", which stars the amazing Jessica Simpson as the title role. Two supermarket workers, a loser, and a perfectionist, are competing for the attention of their new, hot coworker. They decided that being an Alpha-male was the only way to get her attention. For a supermarket worker, this means being titled "employee-of-the month"

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