This is how Hollywood sees other countries!

You won"t find a Hollywood movie that accurately represents any country other than the US. The majority of movies are shot in enormous stets, where talented people have tried their best to recreate a specific location or street or use huge green screens to fix it all in post-production.

Even the best set decorators and CG magicians cannot recreate the magic ofthe real thing. Not yet. Location scouts have a lot to do, but it takes money and time. So what"s the solution? You can portray Russia, Japan, and Mexico by simply changing the color of the photo, doing lightphotoshopping, adding tints or making the scene grainier.

Although the pictures you"re about to see are a bit exaggerated, they are not too much. Pay attention to the photo filters used next time you see Australia, Spain, and Ukraine in a Hollywood movie. Don"t worry, it"s just a movie. Ordon-t, it"s just a movie after all!

1. The American street. It"s a picture from Cape Town, South Africa.

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