A Rare Pink Pug Wins the Hearts Of More Than 76,000 Instagram Followers

Who brings all the boys to the yard with him? It"s a beautiful pug namedMilkshake. This adorable, almost magical pug has been adored by dog lovers all over the globe. The 17-month-old Milkshake is a unique and charming dog. The pinkish-colored nose, nose, and paws of the dog were born to him. He also has beautiful baby-blue eyes that make him stand out from other pups of his breed.

A dog with more than 76 000 followers on Instagram is a unique experience. The dog"s albino-like appearance may be due to an inherited pigment deficiency. These genetic changes do not affect the color of Milkshake and, in general, the health of doggois.

Maria, Milkshake"s owner, is trying to please her fans with new photos and videos that show the chic and spoiled lifestyle of her puppy. It is important to mention that under all the glamour, lies a very cute, defenseless puppy living a happy life in London.

Below are some hilarious Milkshake photos. But if you want more, you should follow this good boy on Instagram. !

1. Here"s Maria, the owner of Here-s Milkshake

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