8 Amazing Japanese Tech Everyday That Will Make You Wish You Could Live in Japan

In the late 20th century, Japan emerged as a world leader in technology and innovation. They were leading the charge in robotics, nuclear energy, and electronics. Although Japan is not the current technology leader, it still has great brands like Sony, Mitsubishi and Toyota that provide great tech to the rest of the world. These 8 top Japenese tech will make you wish that you lived in Japan.

1. Bullet Train

In 1964, Japan built the first bullet train or high-speed train. These bullet trains can travel speeds of 120mph to 260mph and have a significant impact on the country"s economy.

The world"s fastest bullet train, Shinkansen ALFAX, is currently being tested in Japan. It is said to be capable at 400kmph and should begin production in 2030. Below is our article about the Shinkansen ALFAX.

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