Top 7 Airports You Wish you Could Get Delayed In

What is the worst thing that could happen to you while on vacation? Although it"s not the worst thing, it can be quite annoying to have your flight delayed. You know, like you"ve been waiting at the airport for over an hour and they tell you that it will take another four hours. This isn"t really frustrating because there are only so many things that you can do in an airport to pass the time. Unless you"re getting delayed in one of the most famous airports in the world!

These are the top 7 airports that you would love to be delayed at!

1.Munich Airport

It has to be the cleanest airport in Europe, if not the world. What can you do to pass the time? Let"s start by having a beer! This location has a brewery and a beer garden that can hold 600 people. Not a latent alcoholic? What about riding the artificial waves on your real surfboard? You"re too tired to do anything, and you just want to rest? Napcabs, brother! You go inside, and you take a nap. Perfection! This is perfection!

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