9 Body Parts Humans Do Not Really Need

Our bodies are strange! They can sometimes make strange sounds and smell awful, and they have some of the most insignificant features. Our body has not been improved or updated by evolution over thousands of years. This means that we function and look almost exactly the way our ancestors did 30,000 years ago. We may have needed those ear muscles and appendixes to survive, but we have a lot more useless baggage today. These are 9 body parts that humans don"t really need.
1. Arrector Pili (smooth muscles)
These little musclaes make hair stand up and give us goose bumps. This is a negative evolutionary advantage. Maybe it"s not just being able to tell whether a song is good.

2. Body Hair
Even hair is a relic from the past. We all want to get rid of hair, so why do you need it? (The answer is no.

3. Auricular Muscles
It would be cool to be able to swivel our ears like cats or dogs, but we can only do so by wriggling them with the auricular muscles.

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