10 Gadgets That Have Changed the Way We Live

Our world is controlled by technology and gadgets. Everybody wants the latest gadgets to improve their lives and impress their friends. Some of these gadgets have made a huge impact on our lives. These 10 gadgets have made a huge difference in our lives. 1. Smartphones
Do you remember a time when smartphones were not available? They became popular only 20 years ago. They were used to make calls, send text messages and picture messages. There was no internet or data, and expensive cellular plans and devices. You can now run your entire life from them. Our entire world has changed in just 20 years.

2. Wireless headphones
Do you remember to untangle the cord from your earphones each time you use them? Wireless headphones, or Bluetooth, are now a part of our daily lives. They are affordable and very convenient for everyday life and exercise. No more tangled wires or earphones falling out while you exercise!

3. Fitbit / Smart watches
Fitbit has been the leader in fitness trackers over the past few years. In the past, people didn"t care about steps, floors, or how far they walked per day. Today, almost everyone has a tracker to help them lose weight and stay fit.

4. Battery Packs
All these portable devices will eventually run out of batteries. Although smartphone manufacturers are working hard to create phones with longer battery lives than others, these charging packs can be easily carried around and can charge any device on the move.

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