10 Space Mysteries That Scientists Are Still Unconvinced By

The universe is vast. It"s not surprising that there are many mysteries that can"t be solved, and probably won"t ever be solved. It is not hard to understand the mysteries of black holes, dark matter, or quantum mechanics. However, it doesn"t take long to see phenomena that are a puzzle to scientists. Here are 10 space mysteries we are still trying understand.

1. The Glowing Eyes Of Ceres 2015 saw a new mystery when Dawn"s spacecraft approached Ceres in the Asteroid Belt. Dawn took photos of what appeared like a single glowing white spot. However, scientists discovered a series of spots as it approached closer to Ceres. One theory suggests that the spot is caused by salt reflecting light. Scientists speculate that Ceres was struck by an asteroid, which resulted in this shiny material. It"s not clear if it was.

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