Real Stories Behind Real Memes

Today"s society is built on memes. It"s difficult to imagine life without them. They seem to capture everyday situations so well. The rate at which they spread is probably one of the best examples of how the internet truly brings us closer together.

Many memes that you"ve seen many times have a backstory. Unfortunately, most memes get lost in this backstory. Let"s dive deep into meme history to discover the truth behind popular memes.

Girlfriend who is too attached YouTube was the first to upload this meme. Laina Morris, also known by Overly Attached Girlfriend made this meme. Parody video A Justin Bieber song called "Boyfriend". She sang the song as a stalker girlfriend and uploaded it all to YouTube. The video was quickly referred to as Overly Attached Girlfriend.

These things were instantly posted online and many people began to dig into her personal life. Some even went so far as to message her real-life friends. Ironic, how she acted like a stalker girlfriend made her a victim to cyber stalking.

Laina was able to keep her cool and continue making videos. She was able to quit her job and make a steady income by making YouTube videos. This seems like a better job than what you and I are doing. We hope she can keep her channel running for as long as possible.

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