11 Disney Princesses Reimagined As Kickass Heroines

The princesses in fairy tales are seen as helpless, weak damsels who can only be freed from their curses by being rescued and/or locked lips with a stranger. Think Snow White and Prince Florian. Let"s now introduce you to Russian artist ArtemiiMyasnikov This was a brilliant idea by Artemii. Artemii, a Netflix animated series about a medieval princess who prefers to party than perform her royal duties, sat down with his wife one evening and said, " These princesses have been treated horribly by Disney. I"m going make them into badass warriors who can control their destiny . Myasnikov!) It was only natural that he would draw inspiration from these cartoons as he transformed the heroines of Mulan, The Little Mermaid, and other great cartoons.

1. Belle and her sidekick Beast The new version of Beauty and the Beast Beast is still in Beastmode, but Belle is the one you should be afraid. It doesn"t matter if her sword breaks. She can take out her enemies in one shot. It"s a clever strategy.

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