10 Star Trek Facts: Discovery That Will Make you Love It or Hate It

Star Trek has been around for ages. There are many episodes that focus on space exploration, extra-terrestrial life, and building relationships among different civilizations. Star Trek"s story is far from over. We"ve seen many other movies, but Star Trek"s story has yet to end. Star Trek: Discovery, the sixth live-action series that aired ten years before The Original Series, is the sixth. We get to enjoy the classic retro feel of Star Trek: Discovery mixed with cool sci-fi gadgets, futuristic technologies to keep things modern. There are many things that make this show different from others, as well as references and Easter eggs hidden in the background. These 10 Star Trek: Discovery facts will make you love it or hate it.

It"s not just about the captains (yet). The new series is different. Captains are no longer the center of Star Trek Universe stories (from Kirk to Janeway to Picard), but we have grown accustomed to it. The new story is told through the eyes of Michael Burnham, the first officer. Although he seems like a great fit for the captain"s chair, it puts her life at risk by making a decision that will put two civilizations at odds. If you want our opinion, starting the series like this is a bold move!

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